april 19–23, 2021, LUXEMBOURG
Social Entrepreneurship Challenge for high school students
Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is an interactive learning and creative experience for young people of 15 - 19 years old. Open to students of Luxembourg's schools, the Challenge invites young people to create business ideas responding to the world's most pressing issues, thus giving a platform to youth for expressing their vision for a sustainable future.

The Social Entrepreneurship Challenge was conceived and implemented for the first time in 2020 by youth movement Impact Wombats with the generous support of European Impact Investing Luxembourg (EIIL). Since 2021, the initiative has been proudly supported by IMS Luxembourg, Spuerkeess and Fondation Été.

Impact Wombats is run by a group of young people passionate about social entrepreneurship and willing to provide platform to their peers for exchanging ideas on building a sustainable future.

Experienced entrepreneurs, impact investors and sustainability experts support students on their journey to designing sustainable business ideas.
Bert Boerman
Aida Nazarikhorram
Patrick Rahme
Alex Rochegude
Patrick Kersten
Shamala Hinrichsen
Pit Zens
Sylvain Chery
Guy Benzeno
Gaelle Haag
Michel Hoffmann
Francesca Pogliani
Nicolas Hentgen
Program Coach
Eryn Zander
Program Coach
Gira Szakmar
Joshua Streitz
Xavier Delposen
Impact Wombats express gratitude to the sponsors and supporters of our youth-run Social Entrepreneurship Challenge:
Watch the ideas developed by the Challenge participants from scratch to pitch within a week.
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